Are you looking for an idea on how to manage knowledge in your organization?

In fact, huge resources of this knowledge are at your fingertips! In today's organizations, employing so many people, that individual contact among them is lost, we easily forget what we can learn from each other. Mentoring is the best way that we know to simultaneously discover the potential inherent in the employee, and on the other hand to ensure that the knowledge and experience accumulated in the organization are passed on to less experienced people.

What do we do?

• We prepare future mentors to perform their role in individual and team processes,
• We teach to conduct mentoring processes in business and other organizations,
• We support the implementation of mentoring programs,
• We organize preparation workshops for mentors and menteees,
• We supervise and evaluate mentoring programs.

For whom?

• For organizations that want to implement a culture of sharing unique knowledge within their own structures,
• For HR departments planning to implement mentoring complementary to workshops and training in the company,
• For people in managerial positions who have knowledge, skills, experience and want to share their unique potential,
• For owners of companies on the threshold of succession, which implies the need to transfer know-how to a trusted person,
• When it is necessary to systematically introduce new people to work and occupation (onboarding).

What does the success of a mentoring program depend on?

In our opinion, main condition for the success of a mentoring program is a clear relationship between the goals of the program, the individual goals of the development plans of mentoring participants, and the organization's strategy. Our experience shows that it is easy to ruin even a very good idea for a mentoring program, if participants have low awareness of their role in the program, there is no supervision for mentors, there is no awareness of the importance of the program in the organization or the program is not properly monitored.

Specializing in the implementation of mentoring in organizations, we pay special attention to the appropriate preparation of all parties involved in the project and to providing them with support at all stages of its implementation. We also take special care for compliance with international standards of mentoring programs according to the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

Implementing mentoring

We specialize in implementing mentoring in organizations. There is no one single way to do it right. That is why it is so important to meet and talk about a specific situation and all the circumstances.

What is our offer?

We offer professional support in the process of implementing mentoring in your organization - from assisting on specifying the purpose of the mentoring project, through training mentors, mentees and supervisors, program monitoring, support for the HR department, up to project evaluation from the point of view of all engaged parties.

We teach to conduct mentoring processes in business and other organizations

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We organize preparation workshops for mentors and menteees

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