Mariusz Dłużak

Chamber of Coaching Accredited Coach

Mariusz Dłużak - Chamber of Coaching Accredited Coach as well as ICC and ACC ICF accredited coach

Chamber of Coaching Accredited Coach as well as ICC and ACC ICF accredited coach. Certified coach of the Institute of Psychoeducation and Integral Development, consultant in short-term therapies: Rational Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy, business psychologist and entrepreneur. Has completed many trainings related to gestalt psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, psychosocial skills training and maindfulness. A consultant for the MaxieDISC method that diagnoses the behavior styles of people, teams and organizations, and practitioner of the Points of You® method. Vice director of the Silesian branch of the Coaching Chamber.

International Coaching Community certified coach

While working in the field of business he relies on the ICC process. He works with the SME sector in which every crisis or intense changes and transformations on the side of the company affect the owners and their private lives. In the opposite situation - crises, difficulties or changes in private life negatively affect management, planning and making decisions in the organization.

The scope of specialization: work-life balance, stress, the personality of the owner and its impact on his own company, the image of the owner and the image of the company, development and innovation in the company, the crisis of the company and the crisis of the owner - and vice versa, team management, leadership.

ACC Accreditation International Coach Federation

While working in the field of life coaching he relies on the ICF process. In the area of personal coaching, the work is focused on supporting positive changes in the client's life. Underlying this assumption is the belief that reorganization in some areas of life also has a positive impact on its other spheres. For example, beneficial changes in working life can also contribute to increased personal satisfaction.

The scope of specialization in life coaching: building self-confidence, skillful use of one's own potential, working with habits and limiting beliefs, motivating oneself, improving relationships or the ability to establish and maintain them, realizing one's passions, coping with stress, implementing a project or idea, achieving a better balance between work and private life, planning activities that will step by step bring the clients closer to achieving their goals and maintaining their commitment.

Author of projects for business: 'Group leadership coaching for managers, company owners, association leaders and 'Group entrepreneurship coaching with the Action Learning method for people planning to open their own business'.

He supervises his work with the accredited supervisors of the Coaching Chamber, International Coach Federation and International Coaching Community.

City: Gliwice

Phone no.: +48 698 716 885


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Trainer & coaching team: Mariusz Dłużak i Danuta Babińska